Note: Currently we are not accepting applications for new chapters.   Check back in Fall 2015 when we will review new inquiries.

Interested in starting a TST chapter in your city?  Receiving an endorsement as an official TST Chapter Head is a multi-step process.  The information below will provide some information about Chapters and their relationship to the national organization.

About The Satanic Temple Chapters

The Satanic Temple Chapters are self-organized, volunteer-led groups that seek to organize and empower like-minded individuals who are passionate about supporting The Satanic Temple’s mission.

Chapters promote awareness of The Satanic Temple causes, educate their peers, and encourage critical thinking, activism, and justice in their communities. Chapters play an important role in referring individuals to the work of  TST.

What can chapters do in my city?

Chapters hold regular meetings to plan events, programs, and initiatives in their hometowns. These events range from gathering support for national TST campaigns to a host of innovative events and initiatives. Some activities include speaker presentations, ritual programs, discussion panels, political activism, lectures, movie screenings, art, music, and social events.

Who can start a chapter?

You must be at least 18 years of age to start a community chapter, and be approved by The Satanic Temple national ministry. If you are interested in starting a Satanic Temple youth organization for those under age 18, please contact us. 

How do I get endorsed as a Chapter Head?

All chapter heads must undergo an interview process by TST headquarters. If approved, you must sign an affiliation agreement and have an initial meeting with the TST chapter advisor who will give you more information about establishing your group.  

How do chapters interact with TST headquarters?

We require all of our chapters to be independent, registered affiliate organizations through TST national headquarters. We want our chapters to enjoy the benefits of belonging directly to the official TST, as well as giving our members independent authority to make decisions on programming, etc.

By functioning as an independent organization, a chapter can more easily make decisions relevant to their hometowns.

TST requires all chapters to maintain monthly correspondences with their dedicated chapter advisors as well as report on all meetings and events. You must get permission before using the TST logo and name in associated with any events, campaigns and merchandise.

What is the role of the TST Chapter Advisor?

The chapter advisor works to support chapters in their varied efforts. The advisor can help with brainstorming program ideas, ensuring effective delegation and leadership, while providing oversight and guidance. In addition, any plans to organize events, sell merchandise, or use the TST logo or name must be discussed in advance with the advisor in order to gain permission.

We value our relationship with our chapters and are happy to assist in any way that we can. Never hesitate to reach out to the advisor for guidance, advice, or ideas.

Would we have to stick to a rigid format for our Chapter?

Chapter are encouraged to adapt our programs and materials as necessary to best suit the needs of their particular community. However, we do have certain expectations of our chapters to maintain affiliation and good-standing with the Temple. These include having your chapters activities align with the mission of The Satanic Temple, maintaining a relationship with The Satanic Temple national office via the chapter advisor, and being a registered organization. We also expect that your chapter will be an open and welcoming group to all members of your community.

What is the benefit of being affiliated with TST?

As a chapter of a national organization, you are entitled to support and may be privy to pre-launch news of campaigns. These include access to the TST advisor, members-only TST resources and materials, exclusive opportunities to participate in TST national programs, and discounts in the TST store. You’ll also enjoy engagement with the larger satanic community, connection with thousands of other like-minded individuals, leadership opportunities, and the backing of nationally recognized organization.

Chapter Benefits:

  • Chapters receive access to a TST national advisor to help your chapter strategize, grow, and sustain your work in your community.
  • Chapters have exclusive access to designated TST materials and resources. Special access to a members-only website.
  • Chapters are eligible to participate in private national programs and events and may be eligible to receive free program-related materials and giveaways.
  • Chapters receive discounts in our web store.
  • Chapters receive the backing and support of a national recognized organization, The Satanic Temple.

How long does it take to start a Chapter?

It typically ranges from 1 to 6 months to get a chapter up and running. Because TST chapters heads are required to register and undergo an interview process, the timeline is somewhat dictated by how long this process takes. The other major factor in how long it will take to start a chapter is the amount of time required to recruit members. If you already have a core group of individuals interested in getting the chapter started, this will greatly expedite the process.

What kind of time commitment is required to run a Chapter?

Leading a TST chapter is a moderate time commitment that will likely require a few hours each week for planning and meetings, with more time dedicated around large events or initiatives. One of the most important things to focus on in the early stages of starting a chapter is setting up your website, and recruiting members that can share the responsibilities of the chapter. We ask that chapters meet at least four times and hold at least two events or programs each year. It is important to remember that you can determine how much of a time commitment running a chapter becomes by setting realistic goals and expectations and delegating tasks among all leaders.

How many individuals need to be involved initially?

We ask that you try to recruit at least three members within your first month as an established Chapter.

Does it cost anything to start a chapter?

There are no dues associated with starting a chapter.

Does TST provide financial support to chapters?

We do not provide financial support to chapters. However, we will provide you with free web hosting.

How do chapters find funding? 

Chapters are encouraged to engage in fundraising efforts to support their work. All fundraising initiatives must first be approved through the TST National chapter. There may be associated royalty fees that associated with selling TST merchandise, but we will negotiate with you regarding this so that you are comfortable with the arrangement.

How do I get started?

If you haven’t already, you should become an official member – which you can do here.  Make sure you are familiar with our mission, tenants and canon as well as our campaigns.  Once you’re ready to take the first step you will need to complete the Chapter Interest Form and register to request an interview appointment with the chapter advisor.  Once your form has been reviewed and endorsed, your requested interview time will be approved.  All interviews are conducted via Skype and take approximately 30-45 minutes.  Following your interview you will receive a response from the TST Executive Ministry regarding your endorsement within a few days.

Where can I go to look for support/guidance?

You will work directly with the TST chapter advisor. They will provide you with advice and support and be available to help you with your chapter.

How do I begin the conversation about Satanism in my community?

Satanism is not the easiest or most comfortable topic to discuss, but that’s exactly why the work you’re about to embark on is so critical. Consider hosting an initial interest meeting advertised through social networking, flyers, and word-of-mouth. Once you have you community’s attention, talk about why The Satanic Temple is relevant for your city. Share why you personally want to get involved, and let your audience know that they have an opportunity to do something proactive in their community by joining.

What is a good first program for my Chapter?

Choosing how to best introduce TST to your city really depends on the atmosphere in your community. An easy way to get started once you are up and running is to promote TST national initiatives. Another way to get things going is to have a celebratory kick-off event in a central location with information about your new organization as well as educational materials about TST. If you need assistance with your first program, you can always reach out to your chapter advisor for help.

Affiliate Endorsement Steps 

Step 1.  Complete and submit a Chapter Interest Form.  Interest forms are reviewed by members of the National Executive Ministry.

Step 2.  Interview with the Executive Ministry.  Once your Interest Form has been received, you will receive an email providing details as to how to schedule an interview over Skype.  Interviews typically take about an hour to complete and are conducted to get a better idea of who you are, and how we might be able to work together.

Step 3.  Endorsement and Affiliate Agreement.  If you are endorsed by the Executive Ministry, you will be required to sign an Affiliate Agreement.  This document is an agreement between the affiliated Chapter Head and the Organization ensuring that each Affiliate will respect and uphold the Tenets and mission of TST.

Step 4.  Launch. Once you have signed the Affiliate Agreement, you are ready to launch your website, begin gathering members and growing your local chapter!

When you’re ready to initiate a conversation with the National Ministry and explore the possibility of opening a chapter in your area, you may begin the process.