TST Affiliate Chapters 

Affiliate Chapters are one part of the overall organizational structure of TST. Chapters are self-organized, volunteer-led groups that seek to organize and empower like-minded individuals who are passionate about supporting The Satanic Temple’s mission. These groups initiate local programs and activities as well as work to accomplish national and regional goals. Affiliate Chapters may at times choose to act together cooperatively, often as a region, to sponsor a large event, or to rally for the passage of legislation. Chapters promote awareness of the Satanic cause, educate their peers, and encourage critical thinking, activism, and justice in their communities.

While affiliate Chapters are autonomous entities, their memberships overlap with national membership. Because Chapters are affiliated with the national ministry and are part of that organization, affiliate Chapters agree to certain standards and accept specific responsibilities within the organization. Affiliate Chapters provide input to, and accept direction from, the national TST ministry.


TST Affiliate Chapter Heads

Chapter Heads are responsible for setting up and managing their Chapter in line with TST guidelines. They are the responsible individuals who: are to remain in direct communication with the national ministry, reports on Chapter activities, and receives information from the National TST HQ. It is their task to organize and motivate Chapter members to work alongside the Chapter Head. They are also responsible for ensuring that the website is maintained and all queries from interested parties are answered. TST encourages Chapter Heads to foster strong relationships with other Chapter Heads in their regions and to support regional cooperation. Not only are Chapter Heads accountable for providing direction and organization on the local level, but they are responsible to ensure that TST standards are upheld.


TST Executive Ministry 

The Executive Ministry is comprised of a core group of individuals who strategize and implement national campaigns, focus on the development and expansion of the Temple, and establish standards to ensure that TST mission and goals are preserved. They are responsible for selecting Chapter Heads and provide guidance and counsel to members when necessary. The Executive Ministry also coordinates and responds to media coverage and inquiries, and disseminates communications to TST affiliated Chapters and to the broader member contingency.

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