Right to Accurate Medical Information 

An increasing number of states have passed “informed consent” laws, requiring that women seeking abortions be subjected to reviewing state-mandated informational materials that are often false or misleading. We believe that personal decisions should be made with reference to only the best available, scientifically valid information and that politicized information is unnecessary to making decisions about our health. Enforced review of state mandaded political information within the doctor’s office is coercive and a violation of our religious beliefs.  If you are a woman seeking an abortion who shares these deeply held beliefs, please print the letter below to present to your care-provider, informing him/her that you are to be exempted from receiving “informed consent” materials.

Satanists Leverage Hobby Lobby Ruling In Support of Pro-Choice Initiative
The Satanic Temple Leverages Hobby Lobby Ruling to Claim Exemption From State-Mandated
Pro-Life Materials as First Initiative in Ambitious Women’s Health Campaign

In response to what The Satanic Temple have dubbed a “pernicious encroachment” of “informed consent” laws regarding abortion, the organization is asserting a religious exemption from the burden of state-mandated “informational” abortion materials for those who share their deeply held beliefs. According to their website, “The Satanic Temple believes that the body is inviolable — subject to one’s own will alone.” Further, “we strive to make all decisions regarding personal health based on the best scientific understanding of the world, regardless of the religious or political beliefs of others.”

Informed consent bills — felixxxrequiring abortion providers to give their patients official “informational” material regarding the procedure — have been criticized in the past for providing biased and false information to women in a bald effort at dissuading them from abortions. Such materials have included claims of a link between abortion and breast cancer, as well as claims regarding a depressive “post-abortion syndrome”, both of which The Satanic Temple view as “scientifically unfounded” and “medically invalid” and therefore an affront to their religious beliefs.

While The Satanic Temple (TST) are not the first organization to criticize the state-mandated abortion materials as false and/or biased, they are the first to offer an exemption from such materials on religious grounds. TST spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, points out that the controversial Hobby Lobby ruling bolsters their cause: “While we feel we have a strong case for an exemption regardless of the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact. This was made clear when they allowed Hobby Lobby to claim certain contraceptives were abortifacients, when in fact they are not. Because of the respect the Court has given to religious beliefs, and the fact that our beliefs are based on best available knowledge, we expect that our belief in the illegitimacy of state-mandated ‘informational’ material is enough to exempt us, and those who hold our beliefs, from having to receive them.”

Greaves explains the process by which this exemption is offered: “We have drawn up a letter for women who are considering an abortion. The letter explains our position and puts the care provider on notice that a failure to respect our call for an exemption from state-mandated informed consent materials constitutes a violation of our religious liberty. Interested parties can read more at www.thesatanictemple.com/medical-info.”

“All women who share our deeply held belief that all their personal choices should be made with access to the best available information, undiluted by biased or false information, are free to seek protection with this exemption whether they are members of The Satanic Temple or not. e merely contend that we are in a unique position to argue the merits of this belief, as it is fundamental to our religious philosophy.” The exemption from state-mandated informational materials is but the first campaign in a series of Women’s Health initiatives The Satanic Temple intend to make public in the near future.

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RIGHT TO ACCURATE MEDICAL INFORMATION – LETTER TO DOCTOR:  Letter in Word format or Letter as a fillable PDF


Satanic BDSM Babies Crash Anti-Abortion Protest

In response to the nationwide Planned Parenthood protest, members of The Satanic Temple of Detroit crashed the event dressed in bondage fetish wear, baby masks and diapers and engaged in group flagellation.  The performers were then painted gold by adoring fetal idolizers. The action was intended to expose fetal idolatry and the perpetuation of fictional, coercive propaganda against the reproductive health organization. The Satanic Temple (TST) believes that the anti-choice movement’s obsession with, and mischaracterization of the fetus obscures medical reality and a woman’s constitutional right to choice.  Enlarged images of fetuses which are no larger than an inch and the personalization of mindless, senseless human embryos elevates the fetus to the status of a demigod.

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The Satanic Temple of Detroit interrupts Anti-Abortion Protest on Good Friday

On March 25, 2016 The Satanic Temple of Detroit staged a “Sanctions of the Cross” procession in response to an anti-choice protest held at an Ann Arbor, Michigan Planned Parenthood Friday morning.  The protest, entitled, “A Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion,” was organized by the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, and coincided with Good Friday.


The Satanic Temple interrupts pro-life national day of protest

619A6797.00_01_54_00.Still012On August 22, 2015 The Satanic Temple of Detroit interrupted the pro-life national day of protest against Planned Parenthood at the Detroit and Ferndale, Michigan locations. The Temple employed radical political theatre to illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.  Read about the action HERE.

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