The Satanic Temple has offered to perform same-sex weddings in the state of Michigan with the intention of reforming the state’s anti-gay marriage stance. Our position is that marriage is a religious sacrament and should be governed under the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty, which should prevail over state laws. We are available to perform weddings in Michigan as well as other states that do not recognize same sex unions. It is our hope that this effort will prompt definitive reform on the state’s anti-gay marriage stance.

The Satanic Temple Issues Challenge to Michigan Governor in Defense of Gay Rights
 State Resistance Prompts Temple to Offer Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages on Grounds of Religious Liberty

In a recent issue of the Detroit Weekly paper The Metro Times, Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, stated, “In Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder allows his loathing of homosexuals to trump his adhesion to the Constitution. We’d like to educate Snyder on the Constitution and the First Amendment by performing a gay marriage in Michigan. To us, marriage is a sacrament. We recognize it and think the state should have to recognize the marriage on religious liberty grounds.”

Technically legal in the Federal Courts, Michigan nonetheless fails to recognize same-sex couples as recipients of health benefits following an indefinite stay upon a ruling lifting the same-sex marriage ban. Same-sex marriage remains in “legal limbo” in Michigan while Snyder, who has long been opposed to gay marriage, remains ambivalent. The Satanic Temple feel the governor is prolonging the inevitable, and same-sex couples should enjoy full recognition now.

Michigan-based same-sex couples interested in having their wedding officiated by The Satanic Temple are encouraged to contact the organization at

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