The Satanic Temple performs first state-sanctioned Satanic ceremony on Michigan Capitol Lawn


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 Only months after Pat Robertson took to the air on The 700 Club to warn that The Satanic Temple’s activities portended imminent Satanic ritual activity on “the statehouse lawn of some state,” the Detroit chapter of The Satanic Temple has indeed received approval to perform a Satanic ceremony on the Michigan statehouse lawn. The ceremony took place on Saturday, December 19th at 8:00 pm and was a historic first. “This is to be the first ever Satanic ceremony performed at a state capitol”, Jex Blackmore, Director of The Detroit Chapter of The Satanic Temple, notes.

Michigan has Ted Cruz supporters to thank for their state’s distinct honor in hosting this event. In response to a proposed “live Nativity” display at the Michigan state Capitol devised by local campaigners for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, The Satanic Temple (TST) of Detroit will perform their Satanic ceremony and re-display their controversial “snaketivity” on the same Capitol lawn. While the nature of the performance will not be announced in advance, TST Detroit assures that it will fall within whatever pre-existing guidelines are imposed upon any public forum performance on the Capitol lawn.

“We [TST Detroit] placed our ‘snaketivity’ at the Capitol last year in response to the Nativity,” Blackmore says. “This year, there’s not only a Nativity, but also a live performance of a Nativity as well. As this public display of Christian pride could have easily been a private display at any of the innumerable local churches, and as our presence is hardly unknown since last year’s holiday display controversy, it’s difficult to view the live Nativity as anything other than a direct invitation to The Satanic Temple to perform our own ceremony on the statehouse lawn.”

“The overriding message in our holiday display is one of plurality and religious liberty. We have no interest in proselytizing Satanism to the public; however, we refuse to allow one religious perspective do dominate the discourse. For that reason, when there is one dominant religious display on public grounds, we’ll offer our own, and we urge other minority voices to do the same,” Blackmore explains. With that in mind, Blackmore has helpfully published an easy how-to guide on TST-Detroit’s website, instructing other parties as to how they can seek approval for a holiday display at the Capitol.

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