The Fox News Ritual: Breeding Satanic Hysteria in Detroit

Fox News Detroit aired a segment on the evening news Monday, August 25th regarding a “suspected Satanic sacrifice”. The accusations of Satanic ritual abuse is based on the following  information: “two white chalk circles leading them to believe someone tried to sacrifice this goat…a possible Satanic ritual”.

In accordance with our Tenets, we are not only appalled by this senseless slaughter but have no tolerance for the promotion of baseless conclusions in the interest of propagating hysteria and fear – especially when we have already witnessed the ramifications of such fantasies (i.e. the satanic panic).

If you’re as outraged as I am about this demonstration of irresponsible journalism – join me in asking them to make a correction and remove the video report from the web. 

Feel free to re-post the letter below, or use it as a template to express your own thoughts.

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Dear Fox 2 Detroit,

On August 25th you ran a story on the evening news reporting that the remains of a baby goat found near the Russell Industrial building, was the result of a “possible Satanic ritual”. Not only is the assertion of “ritual sacrifice,” based completely on speculative statements, there was absolutely no supporting evidence to assume Satanic involvement. 

This report is a deeply disturbing display of irresponsible reporting and depraved journalistic integrity. You offered no clear evidence to support the allegations, nor did you reach out to any authoritative expert, either in actual modern Satanism or forensic analysis. This piece not only harms individuals who self-identify as Satanists, but is deceptive and insulting to your audience and the larger Detroit community. It’s clear that your intentions were not to provide citizens with accurate and reliable news, but to promote baseless conclusions in the interest of propagating hysteria and fear. 

Your article, featuring the headline “Baby goat found gutted, burned in suspected satanic sacrifice,” has now been featured on local Fox stations in West Michigan, Philadelphia, the Carolinas, as well as in Detroit City and Press, CBS Detroit, Deadline Detroit, your Facebook page and picked up on YouTube, further publicizing these absurd claims. 

I demand that you remove the video from your website and related web-based outlets and issue a correction to the original report by removing all suggestion of Satanic involvement. 


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